Forest Managment Certificaton

Forest Stewardship CouncilⓇ (FSCⓇ) accredited Forest Management (FM) certification assures that forest products is coming from a forest which has been assessed and certified according to the pre-defined forest stewardship standard. Forest management certification is an independent third-party assessment that ensures that the forest management operations are in compliance with the internationally recognized standards of the FSC.

GICIA India Pvt. Ltd. is an affiliate to SCS Global Services, an FSC-accredited certification body that inspects, audits and certifies Forest Management against the FSC Principles and Criteria. GICIA’s FSC Forest Management certification services are delivered in association with SCS.


  1.  Apply for the certification
  2.  Submitting Audit Proposal
  3. Preliminary Assessment
  • Technical meeting –Selection of sites, Audit planning, preparatory communications
  • Gap analysis- Document review and field visits
  • Reporting – Report preparation and review, identification of gaps
  1.      Stakeholder Consultation
  • Consultation with various national and international stakeholders
  • Notification before six weeks of full assessment was sent to all national & international stakeholders
  1.      Full Evaluation Audit
  • Field visits – ground-based assessment of a cross-section of participating forest units as well as current and recent management operations (e.g., harvesting, vegetation control, habitat management, pesticide usage protocols, legal conformance etc.)
  1.      Peer Review
  • Report examination, revision and quality control by independent experts for factual and appropriateness of audit team’s methodology, approach and conclusions.
  1.      Certificate Decision
  • Decision on the certificate by the certification body concerned
  • Issuing the FSC certificate

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